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Hello, I am Elaine, and I use my intuitive gifts and abilities to give a voice to your own guidance in order to bring more alignment and ease into your life. As we focus on building our inner strength, reimagining our wounds, and understanding life through a different lens, we shift onto a path of healing and purpose. It is my privilege to facilitate and create a space for your own self discovery.

A session with me offers a range of experiences, from intuition and insight, to a deeper connection with your guides and angels to help you to understand what is holding you back and making you feel stuck and unhappy.

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How It Works

Should you wish to schedule a free 15 minute introductory call with me prior to booking a session, simply complete the "Contact Me" form and I will reach out to you.

For the most effective reading I suggest that you focus on no more than two areas of concern at one time. Your own clarity around what it is you want guidance about will determine the quality of the information I receive on your behalf - and I will offer you some guidance on this during our session.

I allocate two hours to each session, and this can be done telephonically or via zoom. Included in each session is a chakra balancing, which will be done during to your session.

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Home and Property Healing

Restore Harmony and Balance

Everything is a constellation of energy - and in the course of our day to day lives energetic imprints attach to spaces and objects. In these heightened times of stress and life changing events it is recommended that you rebalance your living and work space regularly to support more abundance, joy and love.

I work with clients to restore harmony and balance to their living space. This is of particular significance before selling or moving into a new home, after a divorce (where one partner maintains the family home), or the death of a family member

A free 15 minute consultation can be scheduled via the "Contact Me" form.

  • ~ Melanie P

    Elaine's gift has been invaluable in helping me to work through some big shifts, both personally and professionally. Her presence alone - either physically or through her voice - provides an instant source of ease and calmness. She is my go-to resource to provide guidance and reassurance in making decisions that drive everything from career and business to health, family and personal relationships. But perhaps where I have found the most value in working with Elaine is how she has taught me to be more in tune with my own intuition. I feel much more confident trusting my gut, but also appreciate having Elaine's incredible link to Spirit as back up.

  • ~ Kaylene S

    I am extremely grateful that Elaine came into my life at such a pivotal and transitional time. She has supported me in such an incredible way, and expedited my healing tenfold! Elaine has such grace and integrity within her gifts and service to the healing of others. I highly recommend her to anyone that is serious about healing and becoming the best version of themselves.

  • ~ Cherie M

    Elaine, you came into my life for a reason - and at a time when I desperately needed support and a sense of direction. Because of your intuitive guidance and kindness I am doing a lot better emotionally - and am healing areas of my life that I previously did not think were possible.

  • ~ Rebecca S

    Oh my gosh, where do I even begin! Elaine provides guidance from a place of such love, connection and commitment to the truth. She has tapped into a place where the words spoken to me have a deep, personal resonance. I am so grateful.

  • ~ Esmerlda B

    I had never heard of House Healing. I only know what I experienced from having you clear energy in my home. There is breathing room, and a peace we have not previously felt. I will definitely recommend this! A big take away for me is that you don’t have to understand something to benefit from it.

  • ~ Diana M

    My readings with Elaine were extremely accurate and eye opening! She is warm and funny, and you can sense how much she cares about helping others with her unique and special gift. It was such a wonderful experience. I look forward to working with Elaine again in the near future.

  • ~ Brian K

    I am super grateful for you! You have brought me peace and helped me so much. I cannot even begin to describe how different my home feels now and how happy I am! You are incredible.


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